Case Studies

As a client you probably want to use consultants with a consistent track record of successful delivery of assignments in their specialist areas of work. While we know that past performance is no guarantee of future performance (as investment advisors keep telling us!), most psychologists agree that the best predictor of future behaviour is present behaviour. We believe this is valid, both for us as private individuals, as well as for professionals – including business psychologists.

We essentially agree with the phrase that a consultant is as good as his/her last job. We cannot claim that every one of our assignments have achieved outstanding results. What we can and do claim is that almost all of our assignments deliver results targeted by the client, provide client value and contribute in a tangible way to success of the organisation.

To give substance to this claim we are presenting a few examples of recent client assignment case studies, which we hope give you an idea of our capability.

For us the key to success is not just delivering the specific piece of work asked for and agreed with the client, but contributing to the business performance and success of our clients. We hope these case studies demonstrate we do this.

Obviously we have many more case studies we can talk about – get in touch if you want to hear about these.

Refining values in insurance

Refining values in insurance 2014

We were invited to assist an established and highly successful Lloyds insurance syndicate to define its core competencies and behaviours,…
Creating a dedicated culture for engineers

Creating a dedicated culture for engineers to successfully deliver one of the UK’s largest infrastructure projects 2007-2012

In 2007 we started working with a team of engineers who were dedicated to delivering the largest UK infrastructure project…
Identifying senior leaders

Identifying senior leaders 2014 – on going

A global search firm has an ongoing requirement to identify leaders to perform a range of different C Suite roles:…
Defining behaviours for success and career paths

Defining behaviours for success and career paths 2012-2013

The UK division of a major international firm wanted to clarify the behaviours for success, and the stages in the…
Enhancing top team engagement and performance

Enhancing top team engagement and performance 2012-2014

We worked over 3 years to develop the cohesiveness and performance of the senior team in a manufacturing business. Our…
Measuring customer attitudes

Measuring customer attitudes towards a £50m+ service, 2011-2015

An international engineering company was facing intense competition to win contracts for what will be the largest European infrastructure project…
Facilitating a senior executive retreat and strategy formulation

Facilitating a senior executive retreat and strategy formulation 2014

At the end of an assignment to define behaviours and values for success, we were invited to present the results…
Facilitating new technology strategy

Facilitating new technology strategy 2014

A client identified an opportunity to reduce costs by many millions of pounds through the introduction of new technology. The…