Working effectively as a consultant requires a complex set of skills and behaviours. One of the critical skill sets is an in depth knowledge as a subject expert – in our case in occupational and business psychology, and organisation behaviour.

One characteristic of business psychology is that our field is continually evolving Рwith new theories, frameworks and methods emerging from different world experts which we can harness to understand human behaviour in organisations, and to develop and focus it more on the achievement of results.

As well as continually updating our knowledge we also see part of our service involves sharing this knowledge with our clients. With this in mind we are sharing a number of presentations we have created about knowledge in our area, and these are shown below. These presentations will be shown as a pdf on your screen – in a new browser tab: to revert back to the website please go back to the previous tab.

Seven Questions for Managing your Career

To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink

Coaching & Facilitation Behaviours

Five Characteristics of Successful CEOs

Host Leadership

Good Strategy/Bad Strategy