Transformation and growth in nature appears effortless.

Businesses, however, require planned transformation when markets or clients demand different kinds of service; when new technology requires new ways of working; when critical skills shortfalls put pressure on performance; or the culture is incompatible with the strategy.

Business Transformation Ltd. improves business performance by providing people and change consulting services which will make your transformations effortless.

Business Transformation is a niche consulting firm which improves business performance and makes organisations better places to work in. We do this by providing consulting services in four areas:


Working effectively as a consultant requires a complex set of skills and behaviours. One of the critical skill sets is an in depth knowledge as a subject expert – in our case in occupational and business psychology, and organisation behaviour.

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Creating a dedicated culture for engineers
Creating a dedicated culture for engineers to successfully deliver one of the UK’s largest infrastructure projects 2007-2012
In 2007 we started working with a team of engineers who were dedicated to delivering the largest UK infrastructure project in 2012. We worked with the team of up to 450 engineers over 5 years, providing a series of interventions...Read more
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