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On 26th May 2016 Michael Wellin will lead a professional development workshop on behalf of the British psychological Society for psychologists and similar professionals on Leading Change. Many psychologists end up in roles where they support rather than lead change. This workshop explores the much more positive contribution psychologists can make to leading change, and provides inputs and experiential learning about the mindset, behaviour, and knowledge required to lead change successfully.

The Objectives and Learning outcomes from the workshop are:

  • Understand why typical occupational psychologist careers are channelled to become ‘technicians’ rather than leaders
  • Recognise why so much rational/right brain change fails & the need to win ‘Hearts as well as Minds’
  • The key stages involved in successfully leading change
  • Experience how to make a business case for using a psychologist as change leader
  • Practice Experience of either Host Leadership, Appreciative Interview or a Personal Deal discussion
  • Formulate own personal learning plan to develop change leadership skills & performance

A link to the BPS website, with full details, including how to register, is: http://www.bps.org.uk/events/leading-organisation-change